Delta Optical Cleaning Wipes
Delta Optical Cleaning Wipes
Delta Optical Cleaning Wipes
Delta Optical Cleaning Wipes
Delta Optical Cleaning Wipes

Delta Optical Cleaning Wipes

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Delta Optical Cleaning Wipes are super soft, lint-free, strong and non-abrasive. These 4"x4” (10x10cm) and 9"x9" (23x23cm) wipes are not your standard disposable lens tissue. These thick premium wipes are designed for cleaning optics and photographic emulsion.

Use with Gamma Optical Cleaning Fluid for cleaning optics and Plexiglas. For cleaning film emulsion with film cleaner.

D-100 Pack of 100 Delta Optical Cleaning Wipes
D-1200 Pack of 1200 Delta Optical Cleaning Wipes
D-9X9 Pack of 25 - 9"x9" (23x23cm) Delta Optical Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning Optics

Fold the delta wipe and place a couple of drops of Gamma Optical Cleaning Fluid on the tip.  Start in the center of the area that you want to clean with one fluid circular motion, work from the center out, lightly wiping the surface. Once you reach the outer edge of the area you are trying to clean, lift the wipe off the surface while still in motion. Do not pause or stop while wiping; if the pad is touching the surface it should be in motion. Always apply your cleaning solution onto the wipe. Never apply it directly onto the surface to be cleaned, as it can stray to unwanted areas.


Great For

  • Camera LCD Screens
  • Camera Lenses
  • CD’s
  • Copiers
  • Film Emulsion
  • Glass
  • Inkjet Printer Heads
  • Phone Screens
  • Photo Frames
  • Prints
  • Scanners
  • Tablet Screens

Not Recommended For Cleaning Digital Camera Sensors

This material has become very popular by those making their own sensor cleaning tools. This started back in 2001 when Thom Hogan wrote an article about a cost saving measure which entailed wrapping this material around a plastic Wendy’s knife. At the time, commercially available sensor cleaning swabs were around $4.00 a piece. We understand why many would want to make their own sensor cleaning tools. Unfortunately homemade sensor cleaning tools are responsible for more than 99% of the damaged sensors that we have seen. It is for this reason we cannot condone, recommend nor warranty the Delta Optical Cleaning Wipes for this use.

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