It is our goal for you, as a photographer, to be able to obtain/capture the sharpest possible image. To do so, you need to have a dust free sensor. If there is dust on your sensor, the sharpness will be degraded. The sensor shakers do a good job at removing the loose particles, but they don’t get it all. Dust particles usually don’t start showing up as visible spots on your images until you start using aperture openings of f/8 and smaller (the larger the f/number, the smaller the opening), but that doesn’t mean that the dust particles on your sensor aren’t affecting the image quality. At aperture openings larger than f/8, the dust particles stop showing up as dark specks on your images and start having the effect of a softener filter. Retouching in Photoshop with content aware fill and the healing brush are effective tools, but again using them takes time and degrades the sharpness of the image. This is why a dust free sensor is required to get the absolute sharpest image.

The Dust Patrol was founded in 2006 with the goal of offering affordable Sensor Cleaning Products. Our philosophy is the “Keep It Simple” principle. We want the consumer to be able to keep their sensor clean with as few products as possible and at affordable prices. Our D-SLR Brushes have helped tens of thousands of photographers keep their sensors dust free over the past 10 years.

Changes made by others in the industry left the photographic community without a non-welded and non-glued sensor cleaning swab. With over 20 years’ experience in the sensor cleaning industry as photographers using the products, as camera repairmen cleaning sensors for others, and retailers of all sensor cleaning products, we know that this type of swab works best. We took our favorite swab that was no longer being distributed by others and improved upon it, coming up with our “Alpha Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs.”

We offer the best guarantee in the industry against damage to your sensor because our swabs are the best. Our swabs, pads and solutions are all manufactured and packaged in the USA and that is something our company takes great pride in.