Giottos Rocket-Air Blower & Loupe Combo

Giottos Rocket-Air Blower & Loupe Combo

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These are two essential items you will need to go along with the products by The Dust Patrol to do a fast, safe cleaning of your sensor.

The Giottos Rocket-Air Blowers are the highest quality hand blowers on the market. For sensor cleaning, we recommend the AA1900 series which is the largest series. 

The Rocket-air blower series are made from nontoxic, natural and environmentally-friendly rubber, resistant to both high and low temperatures and also tear-proof. They are very powerful and easy to use. It has an air valve to prevent it from breathing in dust and blows out a powerful stream of air to blow dust away, making cleaning lenses, cameras and-filters a breeze. Giottos’ patented and unique rocket-shaped base design can stand upright and its nozzle can be removed.


  • Natural and environmentally-friendly rubber.
  • Air inlet valve design prevents air’s back flow from the air nozzle.
  • Detachable super air stream air nozzle.
  • Special design for optional neck strap attachment.
  • Giottos’ patented tripod base design provides free-standing function, convenient use and storage.
  • Rocket-Air blows off dust particles, even those clinging to items from static electricity.


The Micnova MQ-7X Loupe has been awarded the #1 pick for sensor inspection devices by the pros over at the CleaningDigitalCameras website. This 7X power 6 LED sensor inspection loupe is great, not only for the APS-C sensors, but it is also one of the few on the market that works great with full frame sensors as well. With the six vari-angled super bright LED lights, it helps to make a 3D image of dust particles, just like satellites capture stereoscopic images. Once it is in position over the camera’s sensor, it is possible to spot the location of the dust particles, defects or scratches on the sensor, and provides fantastic assistance for sensor cleaning.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Saves a lot of time with sensor cleaning
  • Powerful 7X optical glass, so you can see the smallest dust particles
  • 6 vari-angled super bright LED lights

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