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Our primary goal is to help you learn how to clean your own sensor. Sensor cleaning doesn’t have to be a task solely for the professionals. The Dust Patrol created these sensor cleaning kits to help you, the consumer, clean your own sensor with ease. If you are willing to learn, we are willing to help, but there are also businesses that will clean your sensor for you for around $50.


On the left in the menu is a list of the recommended sensor cleaning facilities to help you choose a qualified service provider. Just because a business says they clean sensors doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. We have cleaned many cameras that were supposedly just cleaned by a business/camera store that were filthy. As a matter of fact, the most damaged sensor we have seen was damaged by a camera store that charged a customer to clean it. You more than likely can’t go wrong going to a bonafide camera repair shop or by using the list provided.


The Dust Patrol LLC does not clean sensors for hire. We want you to be able to do it yourself and are willing to teach you. We travel to Camera Clubs and Photographic Workshops offering free one-on-one training. If you are local, we even offer free one-on-one training by appointment.


If you have read the instructions provided here on this site and are still experiencing complications cleaning your sensor, please don’t hesitate to contact us or the retailer where you purchased our products.



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