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SensorKlear by LensPen

SensorKlear® by LensPen® has a triangle-shaped pad, impregnated with a unique carbon compound. The SensorKlear® is very efficient at polishing off a sensor after a wet cleaning when too much cleaning fluid was used. We also find it quite handy at spot cleaning. We don't consider this to be a primary sensor cleaning tool, but a great addition to your sensor cleaning kit. The triangle-shaped cleaning pad is great for getting into corners.

SensorKlear® comes in 2 varieties: articulating (SK-2) and non-articulating (SK-1). The articulating head (SK-2) is useful for trying to see if you are cleaning with a magnifying device, while the non-articulating head (SK-1) works effectively on its own. The SensorKlear® SK-1 has a retractable brush on the opposite end of the cleaning head. This brush can be used for dusting off the outside of the camera, but should never be used on the sensor.


Check out our instructions section on the use of the SensorKlear®.

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