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D-SLR Brush

Our D-SLR Brush® is a high quality, fine bristled/fiber sensor cleaning brush from Germany. The nylon bristles of the D-SLR Brush® are statically charged by blowing air through the bristles. This not only charges the brush, but it helps dislodge and remove any previously captured dust particles still in the brush. When you whisk lightly across the sensor with a freshly charged brush, the charge on the bristles attracts the dust from the sensor, removing all non-welded dust.


No sensor cleaning brush will completely eliminate the need for the wet method of sensor cleaning. With the D-SLR Brush® you won't have to use the wet method nearly as often - saving you time, products and money.


The D-SLR Brush® kit comes complete with 1 D-SLR Brush®  & 3 ChamberSwabs® packaged inside of a polyurethane tube for protection and storage while traveling. This kit also comes with printed instructions. All of this is inside a resealable, hangable, 2 mil plastic bag. 


The D-SLR Brush is also available in 6 of the different Alpha Premium Sensor Swab cleaning kits.

Three Different Sizes:


D-SLR-16 – 16mm Brush for Cameras with a 1.5x or 1.6x Sensor and Larger


D-SLR-13 – 20mm Brush for Cameras with a 1.3x Sensor and Larger


D-SLR-10 – 24mm Brush for Cameras with a Full Frame Sensor


Note: You can use a smaller brush on a larger sensor, but you can't use a larger brush on a smaller sensor! In our experience, it is more convenient to use the D-SLR-16 on all sensors.


Made In Germany

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