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Alpha Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs

Our Alpha Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs are very similar to the swabs primarily used by professionals for the past 18+ years, but with three main improvements. The predecessor to this swab was used by more photographers and repair stations than all others combined. With the predecessor's departure from the marketplace, we found a USA manufacturer and came up with our improved version at a favorable price point.


  1. Shorter Paddle – a shorter paddle provides minimal flexing and better visibility.
  2. Thicker Handle – a thicker handle provides minimal flexing, less pressure and a better grip.
  3. Color Coded – color coding by size makes it easier for those cleaning multiple different cameras to quickly grab the right swab for the right camera.
  • Made in the USA

  • The Best Guarantee in the industry

  • Cleanroom manufactured and packaged

  • More absorbent than the polyester versions

  • Folded and not welded edges

  • Sturdier handle reduces flexing

  • Shorter paddle creates more room to see

  • Color coded by size

  • Non abrasive / lint free

  • Exact fit

  • Secure grip ( handle )

  • Folded, not glued - cleaning fluid may dissolve glue, leaving it on the sensor.

Our Alpha Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs are cleanroom manufactured and individually sealed in a plastic bag. This ensures a clean swab each and every time.


Alpha Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs are folded, not welded. Welding the edges is a cheaper way to manufacturer swabs, but it leaves sharp corners that can scratch the coating on the sensor. Even though the coating on the sensor’s glass is fairly strong, we have seen firsthand damage caused by welded seams. The sharp edges of the welded swabs are very apparent if you rub your finger across the corner at the leading edge of the swab. Imagine the damage such an edge can cause to the coating on your sensor with repeated use. That is why the folded edge is superior to the welded edge swab. The polyester material used in the welded edge swabs require more cleaning solution and pressure than our swabs.

Using the folding method for our swabs also provides square corners that allow you to clean the edges more efficiently than the welded type with rounded corners. We chose not to cut corners in our manufacturing process.


The portion of the swab that is doing the cleaning is the very top leading edge, not the sides. We chose to go with the shortest paddle possible while still being able to use the folded material manufacturing process. This allows for greater visibility of the sensor while you clean.


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