Home of the D-SLR Brush™ & Chamber Swab®

Helping you get and keep your D-SLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) sensor clean is our goal. You won't find any snake oil salesmen here, we have been in the photo service industry for over 30 years and hope to be around for another 30+.

The Dust Patrol is not here to reinvent the wheel; we are here to offer you a sensor cleaning brush at an affordable price. Our D-SLR Brush™ is every bit as good and as effective as any other statically charged brush currently on the market and we GUARANTEE it. We have not cut corners in the quality department to be able to offer our brushes at these prices. We are able to offer you the D-SLR Brush™ at the lowest price because we don’t require the higher profit margins like some others.

Wanting to offer you the highest quality brush possible, we searched the globe and ended up in Germany. Sure, we found cheaper products out there, but we didn’t find higher quality ones.